“Vseslav the Sorcerer” – MMA tournament / M8L8TH show in Kiev

Ancient Slavic legends will come to life once again in Kiev on October 17th at the MMA/musical event “Vseslav the Sorcerer”. The event will take place at the AZOV military training base “Atek”, where the bravest sons of the Fatherland are being forged today by the hardship of combat training. The mysterious vernal evening will open with an MMA tournament, followed by the show of the Russian Militant Black Metal band M8L8TH – the first live performance after three years of forced silence.

Vseslav the Sorcerer is a legendary figure of the Slavic epos. Prince of Polotsk, he is depicted as wizard and warlord in primary Slavic chronicles. Both the Tale of Bygone Years and The Tale of Igor’s Campaign endow him with sorcery and werewolf abilities.

Knight’s valor and martial spirit of foregone times, when noble rulers and their loyal guards soaked their native land in enemy’s blood, inflame the hearts of modern warriors fighting today against the invasion of a new Horde. It is that furious strive for battle, victory and glory which makes a warrior out of man, should he bear a sword, carry an AK47 or stand firm in the MMA cage, facing the opponent with bare fists.

That same spirit runs through the music of M8L8TH – the dark scalds of Rus’ whose first live performance after three years of forced silence is going to inflame the vernal evening with furious music and transcendental poetry.

The MMA/musical event “Vseslav the Sorcerer” is going to take place on October 17th in Kiev. The tournament starts at 17.00, the musical performance by M8L8TH at 20.00. More info at http://vk.com/turnir_vseslav

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