DER STÜRMER “Transcendental Racial Idealism” LP (BOP027)

The 3rd DER STÜRMER full-length is made available again vinyl. The audio has been remastered to give this album a lot more sharper sound that first pressing was lacking! As the audio is now given new strength, also the noble cover artwork painted by Antichrist Kramer is used in its full glory. A relentless bombardment of Hellenic NS Black Metal, glorifying the Traditions of Blood and War! Devoid of modernist manifestations, nine bloodstained cantos to the Folk-Psyche of Europa, heralding the impending downfall of the age of tolerance and liberalism! Black vinyl in regular LP-sleeve with a 4-page insert.


KVASIR’S BLOOD “Triumph of the Will” LP (BOP052)

Kvasir’s Blood unleashes its second full-length. Everything executed solely by Kvasir Ravenwing to fully embody his vision and Weltanschauung, without a doubt “Triumph of the Will” is his harshest and most fierce output yet. Raging Vinlandic Black Metal as thunderous hail to the Gods of old. Black vinyl in regular LP-sleeve with double sided insert.



First Forlorn Winds release on B.O.P. This MCD includes two raw rehearsal tracks that will be rerecorded for the new full-length. Vinlandic Black Metal. Comes in promotype carton sleeve. Limited and hand numbered to 50 copies.


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