Formed in 1995 by Shadow of Vornat, it’s justified to say that Dysangelium was the first pure Nazi Black Metal band to emerge from Finland. During the years passed Dysangelium has grown into almost mythical proportions as only a handful of people have ever had the chance to hear the actual recordings. Now fully approved by Shadow, Breath of Pestilence is proud to present a double-CD compilation gathering all recorded material, 14 tracks with playing time spanning over 90 minutes. Included here are two demo tapes, first one from 1995 and the second from 1997. There are two version of demo 1997 and both of them can be found on this release, second version also includes an unnamed bonus track. And last a professional studio recording from 2001 consisting of four songs that have never been released before. The songs of Dysangelium are rough, aggressive and proud with hateful lyrics to match the violent tunes, like an iron fist in your face! Sound and lay-out on this release remains very faithful to the original demos.


KVASIR’S BLOOD (usa) “Phantoms of the Deepest Night” MCD digipak

“Phantoms of the Deepest Night” EP shows a different face of Kvasir Ravenwing’s creation, being more desolate and dismal, even deeply melancholic. Where “Triumph of the Will” was a violently rapid burst of aggression and hate the two songs (with playing time over 16 min) on this EP venture on far more epic nocturnal trails. Yet it is still unquestionably true Vinlandic Black Metal, filled with bitterness and contempt for this decaying world. “Phantoms of the Deepest Night” also introduces two new members to Kvasir’s Blood ranks, Pogrom SS on vocals and Vautrin on bass. Released on 6-panel digipak.


WEWELSSBURG (usa) “Subterranean Gestation of the Glorious New Era” MCD digipak

After debut demo cassette “Into the Ritual Chamber” the WewelSSburg’s phantoms return from the sacred castle’s crypts with a new mini album. Three new hymns of arcane Black Metal (+intro and outro) that’s as haunting and majestic as the torch-lit ceremonies under the Gammadion. “Into the Ritual Chamber” demo is also included on the CD making the total playing time over 37 minutes. Released on 4-panel digipak.

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