ENDSIEG (usa) “Twilight of Aryan Consciousness” LP

Vinlandic heathen Black Metal. Vinyl version including the “Twilight of Aryan Consciousness” mini-album and “Exultation of Vinlandic Might” demo. New cover artwork exclusively for the vinyl version. Black vinyl with large double sided insert. Limited to 100 copies. Released in cooperation with Sang & Sol.

VRILDOM (AR) “Thus Spoke the Austral Wind…” LP

Not a new album but a compilation including 9 tracks in total from split releases with Além-Homem, Svetovid and a Forest cover “As a Shade Above This Land”. Furious Black Metal storm from Neuschwabenland. Black vinyl with large double sided insert. Remastered for vinyl by Harald Mentor.

RAVENBANNER (gre) “…And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past” LP

The audial tombstone of RAVENBANNER. Hateful Hellenic Black Metal war is now finally made available also on vinyl. Original recording has been remastered making the whole sound more powerful and fierce without sacrificing any of its rawness. Black vinyl with a large 4-page insert. For the first time ever also the lyrics for “For the Might of Heathen Blood” demo are published here.

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